Urovysion Test For Early Detection Of Bladder Cancer:

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A bladder cancer is caused when the cells of the urinary bladder started increasing uncontrollably. These cancers cells create a tumor with time and start spreading all over the body. The bladder cancer usually starts in the transitional epithelium of the bladder.

There are several types of bladder cancer such as urothelial carcinoma, quamous cell carcinoma, and many others. The urovysion test will help to detect the presence of the bladder cancer. If you live in New York and found any symptoms of Bladder cancer then you should opt for this test that can be done in medical laboratories in NY.

Cancer Cell

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This test is approved by the clinical scientist who has worked on this over 10 years. As per them, it delivers the accurate result especially in case of atypical cytology. Urovysion is a fluorescence substance that was originated to detect the bladder cancer in urine fluids.

The department of the molecular pathology Lab analyze the cancer symptoms in the following steps that are mentioned below:

  • The Patient is asked to have a two test:
    • Urovysion test
    • Cytologic test`

Urine Test

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  • The doctor proceeds further only if these two test has a positive result. In these tests, the lab assistant takes the sample of urine and catheterized of the bladder.
  • After the above test, the patient has to go for another test that is done after the 4 months from the previous test.  The next test is a histological or cystoscopic test. In this test, the doctor places a thin tube having a camera inside the bladder to look into the inner lining of the bladder.

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  • To confirm the abnormal area in the lining of the bladder, a patient has to go through biopsy. During the biopsy, a doctor removes a body tissue to detect cancer. The doctor also removes the tumor near the bladder.
  • After the biopsy, the removed samples are sent to the pathologist who will study at which stage the cancer is at present.