How To Order Gluten-free Foods At The Office?

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Sticking to your gluten-free diet in the confines of your home can be easy as long as you don’t have family members roommates stuffing the pantry with all sort of gluten-laden goodies. In most cases, you can limit your exposure to gluten products in your own home and stay stocked with lots of yummy food gluten-free snacks and meal. Outside the home, things can get tricky, especially in the workplace. No matter what size company you work at, it is likely that co-workers will bring in brownies, cookies and doughnut on occasion to celebrate an event like a birthday.

If you work in a corporate environment, you may be expected to take a client out to lunch at a restaurant of their choosing. You could also find yourself trapped in a lunch meeting when you have no control over what is all these instances, not only do you have to keep your own hunger check, but you may also feel like a loner by declining the food offered. However, there are many restaurants such as Ann Arbor gluten-free understands your situation and provide you gluten-free food to you.


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In this article, we will discuss how to order gluten-free foods at the office in great detail.

  • Look to gluten-free cuisine from around the world

Many different cuisines including Italian, Greek, Thai and Indian offer great gluten-free options.


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  • Try to avoid the lunch rush

It is often easier for Troy gluten-free restaurants and kitchen staff to accommodate gluten-free needs outside of the prime lunch hour. Hence it is recommended to avoid ordering food in prime lunch hours.

  • Call ahead

Whether you plan to eat at the restaurant or order delivery for the office, calling as early as possible help ensure gluten-free needs are communicated and understood.


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  • Get the menu in advance

Plan ahead by looking over the menu well before lunchtime and keep a list of gluten-free friendly menus so it’s easy to order next time.
Even when dining gluten-free, a good meal may need some advance work on your part. But it will be worthwhile. With these tips, you can be confident about ordering a tasty gluten-free lunch at the office. Check out here to learn what precautions you have to take when dining out in great detail.